Maternity & gynecology

The maternity service at the PLAZA clinic respects comfort standards for the mother and her newborn. Its diversified medical equipment guarantees the greatest safety, supports pregnancies, both vaginally or via cesarean section, for high-risk deliveries and pregnancies with the threat of premature delivery, thus accommodating all the necessary equipment to postnatal care and neonatal resuscitation.


The maternity department has a qualified and competent team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a successful birth project. In collaboration with gynecological doctors, it ensures complete post-natal therapeutic monitoring of mothers and newborns.

Gynecological Surgery

The Plaza Clinic has very sophisticated gynecological equipment, and doctors highly qualified in their specialty to develop gynecological surgery. All areas of gynecological surgery are present: sterility, endoscopy, oncology, senology, etc.


it is an examination whose role is to display the interior of the uterus. We can also visualize the cervical canal, the uterine cavity and its mucosa, the endometrium and the origin of the uterine tubes.


Mammography is an x-ray of the breasts that uses low-dose x-rays. It is carried out using a device called a mammograph. This can be equipped with a digital system, allowing computerized processing of the images obtained.

Médecin responsable du service

Dr. Younes Benfdil


MBBS, M.D of Medicine

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