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Welcome to the PLAZA clinic

A new address added to the medical structures in Morocco

Located in Gueliz, in the center of Marrakech, the PLAZA clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic built in accordance with the strictest hospital standards.

The PLAZA Marrakech clinic stands out for its tailor-made service and high-quality services dedicated to patients:

  • A medical environment that brings together various specialties and medical and surgical care,
  • A team of competent and experienced doctors and nurses, each in their own specialty,
  • Very advanced platform of latest generation medical equipment,
  • Personalized support and appropriate care for each case.

The comfort and well-being of our patients are our priority, we ensure that all your medical experiences are as successful, warm and human as possible.

High quality care

The PLAZA clinic is multidisciplinary. It offers its patients treatments and care of incomparable quality, thanks to cutting-edge medical and paramedical equipment that matches technological advances.

Availability at any time

The PLAZA clinic makes it easier for you to access information as well as administrative procedures and procedures. The entire medical and paramedical team remains available to patients 24/7 to assist them.

Personalized support

To make the medical experience a success, the PLAZA clinic adopts a strategy for the improvement of its medical services, it offers its patients attentive listening, human support and psychological support.

Our specialties

The Clinic brings together a range of medical-surgical specialties, it is a medical environment equipped with cutting-edge technology and competent doctors.

CLINIQUE PLAZA offers its patients a cosmetic surgery service for various restorative, reconstructive or aesthetic interventions. The service is led by experts in cosmetic and plastic surgery, trained in the latest interventional techniques…
The maternity service at the PLAZA clinic respects comfort standards for the mother and her newborn. Its diversified medical equipment guarantees the greatest safety, supports pregnancies, both vaginally or via cesarean section, for high-risk deliveries and pregnancies with the threat of premature delivery, thus accommodating all the necessary equipment to postnatal care and neonatal resuscitation.
The department has a qualified and competent team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a successful childbirth project. In collaboration with gynecological doctors, it ensures complete post-natal therapeutic monitoring of mothers and newborns.

The PLAZA clinic has an excellent Nephrology – Hemodialysis center, which combines skills and new medical technology: latest generation ultra-efficient Fresenius 6008 machines, a Fresenius Bi-Osmose water treatment room with hotfeed ensuring disinfection by heat, impeccable hygiene for a service which must pay attention to all the details for better treatment of the patient.

Our paramedical team takes great care, assisting and listening to each patient and being constantly present at their side. Because psychological support is important, we pay very close attention to it so that the patient feels at their best, and surrounded by positive vibes during their treatment.

The PLAZA Radiology Center is equipped with a high-performance technical platform, made up of radiology equipment, scanners, ultrasound and mammography equipment, to carry out all the necessary diagnoses.

The PLAZA Radiology Center also has a cardiac catheterization service, unique of its kind in Marrakech, for all radiology in the cardiac field.

Our radiologists are specialists in the most advanced areas of radiology, they master all therapeutic and diagnostic means to ensure better medical service to patients.

The cardiology department provides care for all cardiac pathologies, coronary insufficiency (myocardial infarction, etc.), high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, congenital heart disease and vascular pathologies.

The service provides ongoing care by a cardiologist 24 hours a day. It has intensive care units, conventional hospitalization, and day hospital, as well as a modern technical platform at the cutting edge of technology for all cardiovascular explorations and treatments.

This is an exclusive radiological examination at Clinique PLAZA. It is performed under general anesthesia. The specialist doctor inserts a catheter into a femoral vein and/or artery until it reaches the heart, then he continues his journey using a device, he then injects a solution into the various cavities and vessels, this allows display the anatomy of the vessels and the flow of blood.
The cardiologist will also be able to measure the pressures and oxygen saturation in the chambers of the heart and vessels.

The trauma department of the PLAZA CLINIC welcomes multiple trauma patients and thus takes care of trauma to the entire skeleton (fracture, dislocation, sprain, etc.) due to the exercise of a sporting activity or even caused by an accident. public roads, etc.

The PLAZA Clinic has an emergency service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we help serious cases and people in need of treatment for injuries, public road accidents, gastric problems, etc. or others. At reception, the patient will be entrusted to an emergency doctor who will take charge of the case from assessment to treatment or intervention if necessary.

The PLAZA Clinic also has an intensive care unit to accommodate its patients. The intensive care rooms are multi-purpose and equipped with the latest generation medical equipment.

The ophthalmology department treats all abnormalities related to the eye, apart from traditional corrections by medical prescription of glasses or lenses. Indeed, the department intervenes in the most serious diseases, in this case: cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

The Plaza Clinic has an ENT department made up of consultation, hospitalization and surgery units for diseases relating to the ENT sphere. The service also specializes in the study and treatment of diseases of the ears, nose and throat.

The Plaza clinic has pediatric care as well as an equipped neonatal resuscitation unit to take care of newborns.
A pediatrician specializing in neonatal resuscitation and midwives are present at all times, they are responsible for this unit.
Your multidisciplinary Clinic also has a pediatric surgery unit intended for an age group extending from the prenatal period to adolescence. It brings together a wide variety of pathologies of surgical interest.

The infant surgery unit of the PLAZA Clinic:

Visceral surgery is a surgical discipline intended to treat digestive pathologies which affect the digestive system, the organs concerned are the esophagus, stomach, intestines, colon, liver, gallbladder, etc.

We carry out surgical interventions at the PLAZA clinic in the best conditions, the service is equipped with the latest generation equipment, and surgeons specializing in visceral pathologies.

The Gastroenterology department of the PLAZA clinic treats and diagnoses pathologies of the digestive system, diseases of the biliary and pancreatic sphere, chronic inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, proctological pathology and diseases related to nutrition. Our experts in gastroenterology support you from your visit to the clinic until treatment and follow-up of your case to improve your state of health.

The endocrinology department treats all hormonal problems. It takes care of pathologies linked to hormonal imbalance and also to diabetics with overweight or obesity problems.

The neurosurgery department of the PLAZA clinic welcomes all patients suffering from disorders of the central neurological system.

The service is made up of a team of neurologists and neurosurgeons qualified to diagnose all pathologies of the nervous system. The treatments are preceded by a diagnosis to recognize the origin and type of the anomaly, which can then request to carry out analyzes or radiography, to prescribe the best treatment for your case in a personalized way.

The PLAZA clinic has 5 operating theaters made up of very sophisticated surgical equipment, dedicated to plastic surgery and trauma surgery as well as reconstructive surgery.
The operating theater facilities and equipment are very developed, as well as a team of anesthetists present, who meet international standards. The operating room has a recovery room for post-operative monitoring, and nurses who accompany patients after their operations have been carried out.

The urology department of the PLAZA CLINIC treats and diagnoses diseases of the urinary system of both sexes; urological problems which include urinary obstruction, urinary incontinence, infections and tumors of the urogenital tract…

We are at your disposal

If you would like to inquire or make an appointment, contact us!

Stay at the PLAZA clinic

In addition to respecting the strictest hospital standards, the PLAZA clinic gives crucial importance to the patient’s stay, and provides these patients with spacious rooms adapted to their comfort. The rooms are arranged as follows:

  • A comfortable bed meeting international standards
  • An individual shower with toilet
  • Hot-cold air conditioning
  • A direct telephone line
  • A lounge for guests in the rooms and suites
  • A television with satellite dish

The PLAZA clinic allows patients’ families to stay with them.

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