Patient Guide

In order to Better Serve You, Here is a detailed guide for patients, answering your most frequently asked questions regarding their journey within the clinic: before admission, during and after…

Before your hospitalization, we ask our patients to provide us with the following documents:

  • National identity card or passport

  • Complete medical file

  • Health Insurance

  • A letter explaining your condition from your attending physician,

In order to offer comfort to our patients and to improve the healing process, La Clinique Plaza has 27 spacious and bright rooms and 15 suites including 6 royal suites.

The rooms and suites are adapted to the comfort of patients, they are arranged as follows:

  • A comfortable bed meeting international standards

  • An individual shower with toilet

  • Hot-cold air conditioning

  • A lounge for guests in the rooms and suites

  • A television with satellite dish

The PLAZA Clinic has an emergency and resuscitation service available 24/7, we help serious cases and people in delicate situations: injured, injured, or others.

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